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Magic: the Gathering

Worldly Counsel

Professional Magic: the Gathering team featuring players from all over the world. This star-studded roster features MTG Hall of Famers: Lee Shi Tian and Willy Edel. Sean Goddard, Marco Del Pivo, Christian Calcano all stand near the top of the 2024 PT season leaderboard.

Magic: the Gathering

Rampant Growth

Newly formed professional Magic: the Gathering team that is on the rise. Adam Edelson, Alexander Hayne, Dom Harvey, and Muhan Yu lead the way this PT season. Fan-favorite streamer, Jason "Amaz" Chan, brings his skills and audience to Team Rampant Growth.

Magic: the Gathering

Gerry Thompson

A Former Pro Tour Champion and co-host of the Gerry T Podcast (fomerly Arena Decklists), Gerry has been around the block and has made a name for himself via a proven track record of breaking metagames. Tune in each week to the podcast, co-hosted be Dave Shiels, to explore intricate metagame breakdowns, tournament reports, and the latest tech for your next big event.

Magic: the Gathering

Paul Cheon

From his years as a MTG Pro Tour mainstay to his days in the booth as a Pro Tour Commentator, Paul has become one of the game's household names. As a Twitch streamer and YouTube content creator, he's much more focused on sharing his experience with his viewers through high-quality limited gameplay. For those looking to level up their skills in the current draft format, we encourage you to watch and learn from 'HAUMPH' himself.

Magic: the Gathering


One of Magic's most prolific Twitch streamers and MTGO grinders, D00mwake takes his viewers on journeys ranging from the top tier decks of a given format to the depths of the format's forgotten children. As someone who relentlessly brings a knife to a gunfight until they find a diamond in the rough, Watch as D00mwake goes where few are brave enough to go in order to find the next hottest deck and shake up a format.

Magic: the Gathering


Where innovation meets intention - this is what AspiringSpike has built his name off of. As one of the format's most prolific deck brewers, Spike has a knack for taking an idea from scratch and turning it into an established archetype. In case you haven't already done so, check out his latest Twitch stream, learn a thing or two, and of course;

"Welcome Spikeling to the Shark Typhoon"

Magic: the Gathering

Adam Edelson

A Magic Pro Tour player and member of Pro Team Rampant Growth, Adam broke onto the scene with his first top 8 finish at Pro Tour Chicago in 2024. As a self-proclaimed limited master and someone willing to take the best deck in the format and learn it inside and out, Adam Edelson is a name we expect to be seeing a lot more of on the Pro Tour circuit for years to come.

Magic: the Gathering

Corey Baumeister

Magic Pro Tour Commentator, member of the Commander VS Series, Twitch Streamer, and the younger half of the Bash Bros., Corey B has basically done it all. Tune in to his streams and YouTube channel to watch as he dives into the trenches and prepares for his next big event and catch his exclusive backpack streams every month and live vicariously all weekend long through one of Magic's bests.

Magic: the Gathering

Yung Dingo

Currently one of Magic's hardest working MTGO grinders, YungDingo has made a name for himself through his mastery of metagame analysis, specifically with the Modern format. Tune in to his Twitch stream settle in as he pushes the boundaries of your favorite top tier decks and applies tech to get a leg up on the current metagame.

Magic: the Gathering


As a Magic content creator and commentator, Nile has been an advocate for inclusion and is helping the community at large to take their first steps into competitive MTG. As the founder of the Birds of Paradise (BOP!) tournament series, Nile seeks to break the barriers for those on the cusp of wanting to enter the competitive scene but haven't dipped their toes in the water just yet.

Magic: the Gathering

Mason Clark

A Magic Pro Tour competitor, MTG coach, co-host of the Constructed Criticism Podcast, and Writer for TCGPlayer, Mason is largely considered to be "a player's player". Tune in each week as the guys discuss RCQ format metagame breakdowns, identify the intricate play patterns of each deck, and even some general "always improving" moments to help you level-up as a player.

Magic: the Gathering


As the brains behind the ever-popular MTG Twitch channel AnzidMTG, the community would largely have been without the coverage we've all been missing since the days of old. Anuraag is the "People's Champ" when it comes to providing tournament coverage, as Magic players around the world tune to get a glimpse of the action and live vicariously through those in the feature match of most of the high level paper tournaments.

Magic: the Gathering


Tune in and spend some time with TheOneJame, as he looks to climb the constructed formats on the MTG Arena ladder in style. As someone who isn't afraid of a little risky innovation for the sake of education, James will surely keep you entertained. Will he hit Mythic rank this month? There's only one way to find out.

Lorcana // Magic: the Gathering

Brad Nelson

Co-founder of MTGMelee, Former Pro Magic Player, and the older half of the Bash Bros., Brad has been one of the MTG's fiercest competitors during his long stay at the highest levels of the game. These days Brad finds himself taking his ability to breakdown and understand and MTG metagames and applies ot to Lorcana.


Empty Apartment

Not sure exactly where to start when it comes to the TCG world's hottest new game - Lorcana? Head over to EmptyApartment's channel as he explores each new Lorcana set release and breaks down top performing decklists in the most recent events.

Flesh & Blood

Michael Feng

Flesh and Blood Pro Tour Champion and long-time TCG enthusiast, Michael Feng has been taking the FaB world by storm. As someone who frequently finds himself traveling nearly every weekend, he's one of the game's most dedicated and successful names - and likely one you hope not to have to face in a high-level tournament.

Magic: the Gathering


The Dive Down is the ideal MTG podcast for the casual spike. Join hosts Dave, Shane, and Stanislav each week for an in-depth conversation revolving around the top performing decklists and latest innovations from the most recent competitive tournaments.

Magic: the Gathering

Constructed Criticism

Constructed Criticism, hosted by Mason Clark, Abe Stein, and Spence Howland, is a podcast that focuses on Constructed Magic and how to improve at the game each and every week. Join the guys as they sit down and have a conversations on the intricacies and play patterns that are likely to come up at our next competitive event, as well as personal developmental thoughts with a deep focus on #AlwaysImproving.

Magic: the Gathering

The Bolt Zone

Sit down with your host, Cody DeBos, as he explains detailed lines and play patterns of Tier 1 decks and identifies how to improve and beat the cream of the crop in the current RCQ season's format. Each episode is full of thoughtful breakdowns and meaningful discussions, as well as the occasional surprise guest.

Magic: the Gathering

Dark Depths

East Coast Grinders and co-hosts Michael Mapson and Billy Mitchell give you top-knotch insight as they explore Magic's sweatiest eternal competitive formats. Get in-depth analysis on what's happening in the current Modern and Legacy metagames and learn a thing or two along the way.

Magic: the Gathering

Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise (BOP!), lead by Nile Joan Rivers, is a revolving collective of players & creators highlighting the voices of marginalized identities in MTG. Make sure to follow them to stay up to date on the schedule of online touarments hosted by BOP!

Magic: the Gathering

One More Mana

Join Derik, Ken, and Cedrick as they give you all the latest Magic news, EDH-related topics, and even a laugh or two along the way. For all things EDH/cEDH, tune in to their latest video and become a part of the Mana Squad.

Flesh & Blood

Savage Feats

Savage Feats is THE name that brings you premium coverage of the Flesh and Blood's biggest events all year long. Join the crew for weekend-long entertainment as they let viewers get a close inside look at what's going on at the top tables of high level competitive gamelay.